Car insurance: Criminal Record, CCJ or Bankruptcy

Whether you have received a small fine or a custodial sentence, if you have convictions that are not spent under The Rehabilitation of offenders Act 1974 then your existing insurance is likely to be invalid. You are required to disclose all unspent convictions to your insurer and unfortunately the vast majority of insurers will decline to insure you or cancel your policy. The same applies for CCJs and bankruptcy.


What then? You still need to drive to get to work; you still need to insure your car.


Here at Insurable, we understand the difficulty ex offenders face when trying to obtain insurance, which is why we have developed solutions with well known Insurers to provide car insurance for people with criminal convictions or a criminal record.


Conviction insurance: what's covered?

When arranging car insurance with a criminal record, it is important not to compromise on the cover you need. If our underwriters will insure you, the cover you receive will be the cover YOU request, exactly the same level of cover afforded to customers without unspent convictions.


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