Before proceeding with this quote, please note that currently we CANNOT offer insurance quotes for sexual offences involving minors (including illegal download/images)

Company Details

Company Status
Company / Trading Name
Full name(s) of all principals or partners
Full Address
Email Address
Telephone Number
How many full years have you been trading?
How many years experience do you have in the trade?
How many ACCIDENTS, CLAIMS or LOSSES regardless of blame have been made in last 5 years?
How many NON-MOTORING/ CRIMINAL CONVICTIONS need to be disclosed for partners, principals or directors?
(you do not need to disclose convictions deemed as spent under The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974)
Has the company or any partner or principal ever had insurance cancelled, renewal declined or special terms imposed?
Has the company or any partner or principal ever had a CCJ registered against them , been declared bankrupt or insolvent, or been a director of a company which went into liquidation, receivership or been the subject of an administration order?